Organisational chart

The Cultural Heritage Agency of Iceland operations are divided into four departments: Office and financial affairs, Department of Regional Cultural Heritage Managers, Research and Dissemination Department, Environment and Planning Department

Director General

Office and financial affairs

  • Financial Operations
  • Fund Management
  • IT
  • Archives and Library

Research and Dissemination Department

  • Research and Registration
  • Foreign Relations
  • Regulations, Standards and Quality Issues
  • Dissemination

Environment and Planning Department

  • Planning and Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Renovations and Repairs
  • Signs and Appearance

Department of Regional Cultural Heritage Managers

  • Development of Projects in regions
  • Assessments and Surveillance
  • Coordination
  • Cultural Heritage Councils

Four teams operate horizontally across all departments: The Fund Allocation Team, Dissemination Team, Registration Team and Protection Team.